Why am I blogging?

I have skipped over a month and it is painfully obvious I’m not comfortable with blogging.  I stare at the screen until I think of something else I need to do.  I don’t drink wine or beer.  I don’t eat anything or anywhere interesting.  I don’t have any family drama to share.  (We keep to ourselves, thank you very much.)  A lot of ‘life hacks’ seem to be more work than they are worth, or simply don’t work.  So, what the heck do I blog about?

I feel I’m too new to writing and publishing to pass on anything.  I’m still trying to learn.  If I find something really useful I’ll add it, but anyone making any attempt at all could learn it from the source.

A serious attempt to follow a schedule has resulted in ‘Blogging Wednesday’.  We shall see if it works.  For now I will just post word counts to keep me honest and maybe a review of the writing process ‘wins and fails’.

This week: Crippling self doubt.

Word count on Beta Draft: 4,778 in four days.



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