Todays topic: Pseudonyms

As those who know me may have noticed, I have been playing with using the original spelling of my given name.  My parents tried to make pronunciation easier for people, and used a phonetic spelling.  At my first doctors appointment my name was called…”Danny?”  Oops!  What followed was many years of explaining…

Temptation is strong to use an unrecognizable name, since there seems to be an element of erotica in my writing.  Have I not mentioned that?  It is because of the derision heaped on those who write romance and erotica.  The words ‘trash’, ‘smut’, and ‘useless’ have been thrown around by writers I deeply respect.  I know the moment I publish will be the moment I will never be respected, by these people and many others.  I am learning to live with that.  Personally, I don’t read much contemporary romance, although I have found several paranormal romance writers I adore.

Strangely enough, I have used aliases all my life.  First was my characters from D&D (original boxed edition) and other role playing games.  Then I spent my twenties and beyond in the Society for Creative Anachronism, where I created a persona. I am surprisingly comfortable with a pen name.  It’s like a mask at a friends party.  Your friends know who you are, but you are partially hidden from strangers.  Perfect.

So, if I use ‘Danae’, what about a last name?  There are the obvious choices; Penman, Penwoman, Penname, Pseudonym, Scribbler, or maybe just ‘Hack’. The less obvious choices from my likes; Winter, Snow, Capricorn, Malachite, Obsidian, Oak, Willow, Grey, Wulf or Wolf.  I could even use ‘Jones’, most people probably think it’s fake.  (Sorry, Hubby.)  Hmmm…

Word count to date: 18,992  That’s averaging just over 2,000 words a day this week.  Started chapter six, today.  I seem to have hit a flow.

Yay me!

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