Journey onward, brave souls…

Here is a ‘shout out’ for those participating in NaNoWriMo.  Wait, is that right?


I haven’t done this, always too busy working on a current project, but it is similar to how my rough drafts happen.  Ideas get written down, usually on post-its, of dialogue, descriptions, and action.  Sorted into story arcs, then to parts/chapters of a single story idea.  (Picture a notebook page titled ‘Chapter One’ with post-its stuck in line and in order.)   Once I have enough for a story, those get written into rough draft, the string of consciousness of the story.  Hand written in a three ring binder, no paragraphs, no spell check, no grammar, just words-illegible to all but me.  (And a five inch stack of post-its I can’t throw away.)  Then comes the beta draft; typed, pretty, not repetitive, and all the proper grammar furniture.

I’m not sure what comes next, since I’m still on Beta draft.  We will see.  Hopefully, a little revision, then publication.

I experienced a new mental state this week, Writer’s Log Jam.  (As opposed to Writer’s Block.)  It’s when too many ideas are trying to shove into a single scene.  It is an important scene, pivotal even.  I have what I, the writer, wants to put in… What the characters want to happen…  And what the reader actually needs to know…  Plus some kind of flow and a logical progression of the story.  My word count was down as I sorted it all out.  Dishes and laundry are good for keeping the hands busy while the brain sorts, plus chores get done.  Bonus!

Word count to date; 30,970.  Averaging 1711 words per day.  Not quite my target of 2,000, but not bad.

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