When is a writer like a… WRITER?

Publishing.  Every writer’s dream AND nightmare.  The struggle of writing for self OR for the market.  Are your readers your employees OR your customers?

I have a Post Office receipt.  I submitted a short story to a magazine.  They wanted hard copy, complete with SASE.  I liked doing it.  It was my first submission, and how I always envisioned it.  Now I am wondering who has more trouble embracing the new world of technology, them or me?

So, now I wait, stomach in little knots.  Will I be accepted?  Published and also important, PAID?  Or, will I be rejected.  The first rejection to put on a cork board.  How many will I tally up in my career?  Which outcome makes me a writer?

The answer?  Both.

So many people never get this far, but I’m a writer because I write.  Getting paid for it no longer matters.  I will continue, just for the pleasure of manipulating words, just like I will keep eating foods that taste good.

Don’t get me wrong, I would still love to be paid.  Money buys stuff; pens, notebook paper, books, writing programs, more books, dark chocolate, and books.

But, I have already been compensated for the time I have put in; reading, researching, trying to improve my technique, reading my work with a harsher eye, and most importantly, sitting down and putting the words on paper.  The grueling day-to-day work of writing that has become a form of sustenance.

Eat, Drink, Write, Rest.

I have learned so much this year.  Pushed far beyond my comfort zones, and I do realize I have so much farther to go, just to be self published.  I am thankful for the opportunities in the modern age, and thankful there are so many other writers out there, willing to share the experience.

I am not alone.

I find myself already trying to hold my hand out to those coming up with us, to lift them higher.

You are not alone.

Word count on beta draft to date: 90,100.  That’s about 1600 per day this week.  Considering the stresses of the season, I’m content with that.  I’ve seen worse.

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