“No, you move.”

My mind is a whirlwind this week.  Everybody is an outspoken expert on everything. Usually I can pull one thing out and comment on it, hopefully in a sane manner.  I have my trigger points.  I have a knee-jerk reaction to topics.  I try to not let those personal failings turn into even more hate spewed back at the world.  I’m learning to not type while angry.

I’ve always tried to be open to the other side of the story, but at my age my opinions are pretty set. People should get to be who they really are.  Everybody.  Even if who they are is an ass.  They can scream and rant and threaten, treating others online as less than human.  It doesn’t touch my personal code of ethics.  I will stand my ground.

So this will be short.  I’m going to take my coffee and sit on my porch, listen to the bird song, and be thankful for a moment.  Maybe I’ll take a walk.  I’ll come back and do some writing.  I may or may not go back online today.  Depends on the state of my patience and my bullshit filter.

Have a great day.


2 thoughts on ““No, you move.”

  1. Thank you Danae. We are alive at a time when communities (and I use that term to include nations) are under threat on many sides – we have even caused the earth to turn against us. Yet what are we doing? Fighting among ourselves.

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