The Writer’s Road: Potholes and Roadblocks


Despite not blogging for two months, I am still here.  I’m struggling with several things, in writing and in life, the most prominent of which is imposter syndrome.  Funny thing is…

(Ok, not funny. Sad and depressing, maybe.)

…IS that knowing WHAT you are struggling with is not the same as being able to overcome it.  This is not the first time I’ve been tempted to give up on writing, nor is it likely to be the last.  For now, I am firm in resolution to be a writer. Publishing is optional. Social media presence is optional. Good reviews and sales are optional. Writing is not optional.  Writing is not optional. Writing is not optional.

(Ok, now those words have lost all meaning.  <sigh>)

I have many reasons to give up and so does everyone else who is trying to get published.  I’m not an idiot.  My chances of writerly fame are miniscule.  It is no surprise that the post that stopped me dead in my tracks is the one about grammar.  I keep telling myself that I’m writing a helpful blog series for new writers like me. I’m just pointing out some books that helped me, and that I am not setting myself up as any kind of authority.  That thought is not quite sinking in.  You will know when it has, because you will see the grammar post.  I WILL continue that helpful series.

(Cue writer montage. Furious scribbling, frantic re-reading of source material, and then frenzied keyboarding fueled by coffee and uplifting power-cord heavy song of your liking. “Eye of the Tiger” or “I Will Survive” will suffice.)

For now, I will try to write creatively every day, continue to edit, learn about publishing, screw around on Facebook, try to figure out Twitter and the other platforms, blog about other things, and enjoy the lovely people I have connected with. Some of them are writers, and some are people who have retained some level of sanity.  I’m greatly enjoying both types.

(Hmmm.  Should I block the weird political ranting person, or use them in my next story?  I better observe them some more…)

I am on a road with pot holes and roadblocks, but they will not stop me. I will move forward, dodge left and right, move fast and slow, but always forward.  I hope you will, too.

(Dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge. Right?  Who knew the five D’s of Dodgeball would be so helpful.)

If you need encouragement, please, drop me a line. Helping others always keeps me moving, too.

3 thoughts on “The Writer’s Road: Potholes and Roadblocks

  1. Danae, it is soooo good to so you writing again. You are NOT an imposter. Just the opposite. You’ve got IT, sista! Honestly, don’t even worry about the blogging. It easily gets us distracted and heady, rather than heart-y, where the core of writing is. So, write your heart out, get that book out there, and I’ll start standing in line to purchase a copy….. Now.

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