Write Every Day, Unless You Can’t

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI guess this is the other side of the coin for last week’s blog.  Some days you just can’t write.  Even full-time professional writers have days they can’t write, and those of us working toward that profession should expect those days, too.  Family events.  Medical emergencies.  Life-changing moments.  A new video game/movie/series/book drops and you just can’t wait to start it.  Or maybe even the lack of a basic comfort item–like toilet paper or coffee–forces you out of your personal hermit’s cave.

Or, maybe you just…can’t.

We both know the secret.  You are still writing.  You are drawing inspiration from your environment like reaching for dust motes in a patch of sunlight, and ideas are just as prevalent as those little floaty things.  Characters.  Scenes.  Body language.  Tension.  Emotions.  Plots.  Twists.  You even watch yourself.  Your reactions to things.  Your feelings.  Your feelings about your feelings.  It’s inescapable; your secret shame.  Even if you haven’t put a word to paper or screen in years, you are still crafting stories.

Just remember that there is a part of you that knows you should be writing.  It is giving you THAT look.  The one my cat is giving you.  Writer’s Cat is not impressed with your reasons and excuses.  Writer’s Cat wants to know when you are going to sit down and write.  Mostly she’s looking for lap-nap time, but Writer’s Cat also believes in you.

So, take care of things.  Take care of your people.  Forgive yourself for distractions and  procrastination.  Get yourself some breathing room, then sit down to write.

Writer’s Cat is waiting…

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