Sometimes You Need A Writing Break

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI’ve already taken several breaks from writing this blog but here comes another one.  Like a lot of people 2016 brought major changes for me, and 2017 is starting no differently.

I have enjoyed the learning process of writing a blog.  Trying to figure out how to write catchy titles with insightful content (hopefully without being unbearably long-winded)about my writing-to-publishing journey has been a real eye opener.  I understand a lot of things better; widgets, tags and links.  Promotion.  Social media.  Time management.  I’ve had moderate success sustaining weekly content, while also finding my personal hard line about adding more unnecessary and rambling opinions to the shit-storm of free content available on the internet.  (The only reason I am posting this notice is because I don’t want to keep dropping off the planet for my few followers.)

I’m moving.  Packing my life into easy to move boxes.  “Moving” is one of those layered words.  It’s a simple concept everyone knows, and a huge shift in everything that I consider normal in my life.  I’m moving to another state, into the home of my parent, bringing my family with me.  Squeezing two households together.  We all get along, much better than the horror stories of many families, but it’s still going to be a major adjustment.

There is a limit to my mental energy.  I’m guessing that my focus will be on my family for the next month or two.  Free time will probably be reading as escape.  Hopefully, I will be catching up on reading and reviewing the books I’ve picked up from other writers, along with the beta work I’ve promised.  Since I don’t have a current daily writing habit, I will not be starting one until things settle.  I’ll write when I have to, of course, since that’s not really something I can stop myself from doing.  I will also continue my research into how to be a better writer by digging into the wisdom of those who have gone before me.

So posts will be sporadic, at best, but that is better than multiple posts about how tired or frustrated I am.  I don’t want to spread more negativity; we had a bumper crop in 2016.  Good things may be shared, or funny/weird stuff,  along with the hope that this move will ultimately result in even more writing time.  In the meantime, Happy Writing, and I’ll see you on the other side!

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