Time and Rose Petals

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIf you have worked on getting a daily writing habit started, like I have for the past several weeks, then you are all set for your next flash of inspiration.  Don’t turn your back on it.  Use it to drive your writing before it fades away.

I chastised another writer over the weekend.  At the library, as we were heading back out, my companion started telling me about the cool book they had come across.  Eyes sparking and voice slightly too loud, I was told how the book inspires such realistic, wonderful, graphic stories in their mind.  I listened for a few minutes before I asked where the book was.  STILL IN THE STACKS!  I hope I wasn’t too stern when I insisted we turn around to go get it.

But…  It wasn’t part of the story they were working on, just a future idea.  Doesn’t matter.  They hadn’t started a daily writing program, yet.  Doesn’t matter!  There are so many things that need to be finished first.  DOESN’T MATTER!  You don’t walk away from free inspiration!  EVER!

I’m still waiting for inspiration, and the daily word count goal suffers because of it.  I don’t mind too much because I can feel something coming.  For now I blog, read fiction, study writing techniques, and just live in the world.  I know some of you have the same struggles, so I ask you to let me know what you are doing to get ready.

(For those of you who already write and have the deadlines, schedules and payday to push you, I will try to not be jealous.  Feel free to impart your great wisdom on us poor beginner writing plebes.)

And my friend who went back for the book?  They started writing today.  I know it was a convergence of several things to set them on the path, but I smile to think I may have played a small part.

Happy Writing!


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