Thank You, Random Newbie Writer!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASo, exactly HOW new do you have to be at writing to have JUST discovered Grammerly, yet still feel the NEED to tell a writer’s group you belong to that using it is lazy?  That writers should just pick up a book or a dictionary?  (Shall we tell them about Pro-writing Aid, Scrivener and the other dozen-odd programs that give writers a hand?)

Thank you, random newbie writer; I really needed a laugh today!

Mostly, because I’m still processing events from this weekend, and I wish I could say I was surprised, but it feels like I’ve been watching this happen in slow motion for a very long time.  So many warnings were ignored by those who needed to listen.  (Will they listen now?)  I also really, really wish I believed this would be the last incident.  My fears tell me the worst is yet to come.

As for my editing/revision adventure, I have tightened up the first chapter in the WIP, and already foresee things in later chapters that will get the CHOP.  I doubt there will be only one pass through the whole thing.  I haven’t really started incorporating the notes, yet, plus there will be a round of text-to-talk, and a round of Grammerly or one of the other aids.  Once that is finished, I will either start seeking an agent or small press, or take the chance on self publishing.  The plot thickens (hopefully).

Happy writing, y’all!

6 thoughts on “Thank You, Random Newbie Writer!

  1. I think relying ENTIRELY on Grammarly is a bad idea, partly because Grammarly is sometimes wrong (Grammarly once told me NOT to italicize the name of a starship — ’nuff said) and partly because relying entirely on ANY such program is a bad idea, but it is a useful and convenient tool for doing the first pass of self-editing.

    I suppose Newbie could have just been overreacting to someone online telling them, ‘You’re not a Real Writer unless you’re using Grammarly.’ Heck, I’ve been told I’m not a real editor because I don’t just wave Grammarly at a manuscript and call it done.

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    1. Relying on Grammerly or any other program is a horrible idea, and will never replace a proper Real Editor like you, Thomas. But I still wouldn’t subject a beta reader–or anyone else–to a raw manuscript that hadn’t had some kind of self-editing done on it. (I hear ProWritingAid is marginally better, but I’ve been happy with re-teaching myself the rules.)

      And I wish it had been some kind of overreaction, but they had “just discovered the app” and thought any writer using it was “lazy.” The response to thier announcement, on a writing group, was interesting.

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  2. I use Grammarly, too. Although the first time I did, I relied on it completely and ended up butchering my MS. I developed a dislike for it and refused to use it again until I realized I didn’t have to use all the suggestions it gave.
    Recently, I’ve been trying other online editing software and finding they offer help as well. is useful. I am in search of others that I haven’t tried, but it seems most are comparable to each other.
    As I am unable to pay for either an online or Human editor, I must make use of the freebies for now. Plus, when I make a submission, I have to sweat and fret that the Editor there doesn’t call me out for being unrefined.
    By the way, have you heard that Grammarly now has the plug-in for Microsoft Word? It works as well as the Desktop version without having to copy-and-paste. I wish they would come out with a plug-in for Scrivener, too.

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    1. My friends who use Grammerly successfully say to use it as suggestions, but a lot of them prefer Pro-Writing Aid. I’ve been brushing up on my grammar and punctuation, since I’m also in the position of needing freebies, for now. I figured I should know how to use my tools if I’m serious about writing. I’ll run the manuscripts through “something” once I feel I am closer to publishing. No point in fine-tooth editing if you may have to dump chunks of prose.
      I’m guessing you are using Scrivener. I know a lot of writers prefer it. I’m still on Word, and annoyed I have to pay for that, let alone any plug-ins.

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      1. Yes, I do use Scrivener, as well as Word. It all depends on what I’m writing.
        When I use Scrivener, I have to either copy-and-paste the project or compile it in order to take advantage of Grammarly, either the desktop download or the Word add-on. They don’t have one (yet) for Scrivener.

        I have tried ProWriting Aid, as well as other online options. I think I like just a bit better than ProWriting Aid myself. Give that one a try and see what you think.

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