Even Broken Things Are Useful

20180424_162852Well, that was another posting slump that put a stranglehold on my blog.  Truly, I’m sorry for being the missing-in-action, non-helpful, hermit writer.  It was caused by the same shit everyone else goes through, mostly things you would classify as “just life” when they happen to someone else, but are overwhelming when they are happening to you.  I’m not going to get into specifics, but lets say I have gone through too many endings in the past year.

Cera, who will be missed.

The point is that even though I am still putting together the pieces of myself, I can still push forward.  A lot of creative energy was being used for just getting through each day.  I’m taking that lost energy back.  Here’s my new Every Week list:

  • Write
  • Study Writing
  • Draw
  • Study Graphic Novels
  • Blog
  • Poetry
  • Edit
  • Beta Read
  • Study People/Cultures
  • Review Books

Granted, several things on that list are things I should be doing Every Day, but I’m also trying to be forgiving of myself, and attempting to prevent a stress burn-out.  I’ll get there.  For instance, I never really stopped writing in notebooks, but putting daily work into digital manuscripts requires discipline.  I want that disciple BACK!

I could also narrow the list, but every time I do, something happens to make it obvious to me that these are the creative outlets (and community service jobs) I must give myself to feel complete.

And I’m trying to get back into posting once a week on the blog, but, frankly, if it’s a choice between this and another creative outlet, I may skip a week.  Neither of us will miss having one less post to read/write, and it wastes both of our time if it’s just filler.  I have no plans to monetize this blog; I’d rather put that energy into my fiction writing.  We are just here, connecting as artists, and I’m letting you see my tricks and secrets.  I’d love to see yours, too.


One bright spot, during the three-month slump, was getting notification that one of my favorite short stories was accepted into an anthology.  I’m still stunned.  Granted, it’s just a “for exposure” gig, but someone thought my short story was something they could make money off of.  It’s a quirky little story I thought would never-ever-ever find a home, but if I can find a home for that, then maybe there is some hope.  It’s a tiny step, but that’s how all journeys start.


When I consider how many time I have almost deleted all my media platforms, quietly, and just slipped back into being a reader with no plans to ever publish anything I accidentally wrote down…

It could still happen, and maybe it should, but for now I have some momentum to keep pushing myself forward.  If you are interested in the amazing horror anthology “The Big Book of Bootleg Horror, Volume 4” here is the link.  http://www.hellboundbookspublishing.com/bootleg4.html


Another bright spot was the odd experience of going on a cruise ship with my daughter.  It was school/job experience related, and I was 100% there to support her, but I couldn’t help but to think about how I was experiencing life on a closed system, cut off from what I consider “normal” life for five days.  Probably the closest I’ll ever come to being on a space ship, and frankly, I fell a bit in love with the multi-national crew, sense of adventure, the open ocean, and the chance to see someplace completely new.  I came home and re-wrote a few scenes in my WIP, and there may be more changes.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASo, if I ever announce that I’m running away to join a ship’s crew, be sure that it’s for “research” for my Sci-Fi-Romance/Erotica, and it will only add to the (eventual) story.

And even cruise ships have Wi-Fi, now.

Writers gotta write.  But, they also gotta observe.

Happy writing!

6 thoughts on “Even Broken Things Are Useful

  1. I totally understand the occasional desire to throw in the towel and regress to a place before social media. So many times, especially when I see some people putting out a new work every couple of months or less, I start feeling like an imposter in the Indie Author world. I guess we should just keep plugging along until one day, out of the blue, someone offers us big money on a project we thought was dead. (Something like that.)

    As for the ending of your post, you are so fortunate to have been able to get that experience. I would love to go on a cruise line, or even a train trek on Amtrak. Two things on my mental “bucket list,” as it’s called these days.

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    1. Thanks for reading, John, and sorry for the late reply. (WP is being “difficult.”) And, YES, writers WRITE! Just continuing to put in the WORK puts us way ahead of those just wishing. “Never give up, never surrender,” as the movie quote goes. Good luck to us both on finding new experiences!

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  2. I moseyed on over to your blog after your comment not because I was avoiding editing….No, wait, exactly because I’m avoiding editing, but I’m glad I did. I love this line, “We are just here, connecting as artists, and I’m letting you see my tricks and secrets. I’d love to see yours, too,” because it’s in line with my own blogging philosophy.
    Congratulations on your acceptance into the horror anthology. I write horror, so I know how difficult it is to find places to publish horror stories that are shorter than a novel. There are so many literary magazines that publish general fiction, but genre fiction has a smaller pool.

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    1. Haha! Writers are the best at finding creative ways to avoid edits! I think we could power a small town with a single writer, fresh edits, and a treadmill.

      HellBound Books has been great to work with, and they usually have something cooking in their submissions page. I’ll send any other leads your way, and I’m keeping an eye out for your blog posts!

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      1. I, too, have a novel with Hellbound awaiting the editing process. I signed the contract in February. I tell you, waiting for the next stage is killing me. I so much want to contact them and ask what’s up. *sigh* Patience has never been one of my strong suits, contrary to what most people experience when interacting with me. (fingers tapping repetitively…)

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