Jean And Jorts: the extended metaphor for workplace accommodations nobody asked for

Granite and Sunlight

Jean the cat has been in touch to tell me my initial title was wrong, because people do need to hear it even if they don’t know it yet. As Jean is clearly a sensible cat, I have edited the title.

I tried so hard not to write this, but one of the problems with having a writing brain is that it just goes and does its own thing, running headfirst down dark alleyways and into cornfields to see what connections it can make. After four hours of trying to sleep with my dickhead brain writing this behind my eyes, here you go: Jean and Jorts As Metaphor For Disability Accommodations.

I really don’t have the will to structure this as a properly argued piece because it’s mostly a joke extended well past breaking point, so I’m just going to headline the comparisons and add some pictures of my own…

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